"Every step towards liberation
empowers the mechanisms of coercion;
every advance toward enlightenment
compunds the entanglement of individuals
in the social frameworks that constrain them."

"The tradition of the oppressed
teaches us that the 'state of emergency'
in which we live
is not the exception but the rule.
We must attain to a conception of history
that is in keeping with this insight.
Then we shall clearly recognize
that it is our task to bring about
a real state of emergency."

"A systematic rejection of
subjectivity in the name of a
mythical scientific objectivity
continues to reign..."

"The project of modernity had essentially
been one of arms and media technology...
all the better that it was shrouded in a petty
phraseology of democracy
and the communication of consensus."

"We have reached those days
when we cannot endure
either our vices
or their remedies."

"Violence has freed itself from ideology."

Timothy Druckrey: